For more than 100 years, milk has been produced close to major towns and cities to ensure it’s fresh when it arrives in homes. Across NSW, the main dairies are still near major population centres. With good highways, fast milk tankers and direct deliveries to local stores, the milk you buy has never been fresher. Dairy Connect has on-farm representatives in the four major milk producing zones.


Our Farmers Group are our hands-on team of farmers who represent all four of our NSW dairy production zones. Skilled dairy producers that every Dairy Connect member can call on any time. The Dairy Connect Farmers Group meets every quarter to consolidate all local issues into future Dairy Connect policies, beneficial to all. Find your zone on our map.

For contact details of our Farmers Group reps, click on their image and hover.

Animal Welfare

Happy cows = better dairy


Dairy Connect acknowledges that all its farming members should be operating under the consenus that the welfare of livestock is paramount to producing good quality milk. We provide all our members with the Dairy Australia Standards and Guidelines for Animal Welfare, found here.