Our Members are the lifeblood of our organisation,
they fuel us and give us our voice.


Here are some of the benefits they recieve in return:

  1. Strong, leading advocacy for all dairy issues that will shape the industry and its future.
  2. Regular and directed corrospondence from Dairy Connect and our partners, ensuring that our member networks remain well informed of issues as they happen.
  3. Exclusive offers and promotions provided by our ever-growing range of corporate partners and sponsors.
  4. Legal / employment / industrial relations advice provided by our legal expertice and expertice of associate members.
  5.  Access to our 'Members-Only' section of the website - to be launched in June 2018.
  6. Membership into our Dairy Connect Members Facebook Group, which provides a forum for discussion and collaboration.
  7. Complimentary access to a range of Dairy Connect events held throughout the year.



By becoming a member of Dairy Connect, you are joining a movement for positive and lasting change to the dairy industry across Australia. We are unapologetically driven to advocate for the needs of our members.

We are in regular connection with key policy makers across Federal and State Governments, and we are now the go-to connection for dairy-related media reports (as seen on our 'Media' page).

To show your support for sustainable futures of Australian dairy, and to have your voice heard, follow the sign-up links below to become a valued member of Dairy Connect:


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Dairy Connect is a powerful advocate for all who work in the journey of dairy from pasture to plate.


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