As a Dairy Connect member, a whole menu of benefits opens up to you. These include:

  1. One on one farm by farm advocacy brings experienced industry experts to consult directly with you at your dairy;
  2. Subsidies for the cost of industry events including the annual University of Sydney Dairy Research Symposium
  3. Free access to presentations by both Australian and international experts on all aspects of dairying.
  4. Opportunities to network with fellow industry stakeholders at industry events throughout the year
  5. Regular up to the minute news and information delivered via email, and via free subscription to Digital Farm TV



The consultation at federal and state level includes specks of trade, investment, infrastructure and education. You also have input into industry planning via our connections with Local Land Services and Catchment Authorities.

Dairy Connect provides members with information and access to support regarding industry-specific issues such as Bovine Johnes Disease biosecurity, quality testing and sampling, work cover and industrial relations.

You can stay up to date with the latest industry information. You are able to take full advantage of growing market demand and new market access arising from new Free Trade Agreements.

Your voice can also be heard in government and industry decisions. You are now truly part of Australia’s dairying future.



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Dairy Connect is a polite but powerful advocate for farmers, producers, processors, milk vendors and others who work in the journey of milk from pasture to plate.


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