'Milk Choices' - Conference address to launch open market concept for milk

An industry concept to be launched on Monday promises farmers and processors a new way to trade milk.

The “Milk Choices” model involves a free market for milk at the farm gate, which its creators say will increase the profitability of the dairy sector and reduce risk.

Spokesperson for the team of industry volunteers behind the concept, Scott Briggs, will explain the Milk Choices concept at the Australian Dairy Conference in Melbourne on Thursday.

“Confidence among farmers is low and it’s time to consider another approach to milk pricing,” Mr Briggs said.

“Milk Choices explores the possibilities, starting with one simple thought: what if dairy farmers could sell milk to more than one customer, just like any other business?”

Mr Briggs says an open market for milk would help farmers and processors manage risk and increase their profitability.

“Milk Choices has been developed by a group of farmers and advisors who simply want the best for Australian dairy,” Mr Briggs said.

“The Milk Choices concept addresses the transparency, competition and bargaining power issues identified by the ACCC.”

The concept has been presented to the ACCC and is endorsed by farmer representative body, Dairy Connect.

“Input from farmers, dairy bodies and processors is critical to shape the concept into a working
model,” Mr Briggs said.

“We are now inviting discussion with all members of the supply chain because, of course, it needs to make business sense from farm to factory to be successful.”

More information about Milk Choices is available at www.milkchoices.com.au.

For more information, contact: Marian Macdonald, 0421 530 944, marianm@fireflymarketing.com.au