South Coast Dairy – a leader in health, freshness and taste

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South Coast Dairy in NSW, has been judged one of the nation’s best processors and its new non-homogenised milk was named this week as a finalist in the hotly contested Australian Grand Dairy Awards.

The brand is owned by the Berry Rural Cooperative Society Limited which is a processor member of advocacy group Dairy Connect.

Dairy Connect CEO Shaughn Morgan today congratulated the co-op for being a small processor with the highest product standards and a new product pipeline that rivalled the majors.

“When people in dairy think of Berry and the south coast of NSW they think of contented cows grazing contentedly on rich pastures in a beautiful landscape,” he said.

“To be judged one of the best three milks in the country is a massive achievement for a product line that has only existed for than 12 months.

“The whole team led by chair John Miller and general manager Kara Duncan deserve great praise for the co-op’s sense of enterprise and product success.”

South Coast Dairy was founded in 2005 but can trace its history back to 1895 and, after building a plant at Berry, began production in June 2016. Today, it provides work for a team of around 20.

Shaughn Morgan said he understood that there was a big range of exciting new product lines – including flavoured milks – set to come online this year.

“These new flavours will include coffee, strawberry and chocolate and will be
low-sugar and made with fresh and nutritious full-cream milk,” he said.

The company plans to launch a South Coast brand butter later this year.

The plant processes around 50,000 litres per week and not only produces South Coast Milk but also processes Harris Farm’s Jersey Pure Pastures range.

South Coast Dairy was one of three finalists in the milk section along with Farmers Own and Maleny Dairies at the awards ceremony in Melbourne.

To find out more about South Coast Dairy, view their website here.