International Feed Award for Australia’s Prof Ian J Lean

Australian ruminant feed specialist Prof Ian J Lean, and Dairy Connect Board Member, has won the prestigious AFIA-ADSA Nutrition Research Award, from the the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA), recognising his international work in improving animal health standards and profitability in livestock production.

Prof Lean is managing director of Scibus, a Camden-based consultancy that conducts research and consults to dairy and beef producers in Australia and offshore.

He has published extensively on the interactions of nutrition with production, reproduction and health and has been a keynote speaker at numerous international conferences presenting on these topics and meta-analysis and study design.

Scibus is recognized for its leadership and excellence in meta-analytic research and partners with public and private research organisations.

Ian is a past president of the ACV, the Cattle Chapter, is a Gilruth medallist and has received an Australian Dairy Science Award.

In its award citation, the American Feed Industry Association said Prof Lean was awarded a PhD in Veterinary Science from the University of Sydney in 2012 for ‘excellence in public works’.

His work on the causes of subpar performance of dairy cattle spans veterinary medicine, reproductive physiology and nutrition.

“It reflects a consistent investigation of the pathophysiology of high producing dairy cows to improve production, health, well-being and profitability of these animals,” the award citation said.

“In doing so, he has identified successful strategies and treatments and has advocated strongly for the dairy industry while mentoring a group of successful industry colleagues.”

“These awards recognize leaders who have provided significant contributions in animal science and nutrition,” said Paul Davis, Ph.D., AFIA’s director of quality, animal food safety and education. 

“Dairy Connect is proud of the accomplishments of Prof Lean and on his receiving his most recent international recognition as well as his commitment and passion, in not only the dairy industry but agriculture generally,” Dairy Connect CEO Shaughn Morgan said.

Further information on the award may be found at the American Feed Industry Association website, at: