‘Made By Cow’ wins World Beverage Award

Leading the way for Australian beverage innovation, Made By Cow – The world’s first safe to drink Raw Milk – has been awarded “Best New Dairy Drink” at the recent World Beverage Innovation Awards in Frankfurt.

Launched in June this year, world-first product Made By Cow is a safe way for people to enjoy the natural, tasty, nutritious goodness of raw milk, without resorting to heat pasteurisation or homogenisation, which can deplete milk’s natural nutrients.

Made By Cow uses a patented new breakthrough method that focuses on careful herd management and more hygienic milking practices from a single Jersey Herd on NSW’s pristine South Coast, to produce a higher quality milk. This is then bottled straight from the cow within hours and put under intense water pressure, compressing both the bottle and milk inside for several minutes. This pressure eliminates any remaining harmful bacteria, whilst being gentler on milk’s natural nutrients. The result is a deliciously creamy “un-messed with” milk, straight from the cow, that contains more of milk’s natural goodness whilst still being 100% safe from harmful bacteria.

The new cold pressed raw milk is the only one approved by the NSW Food Authority. It contains a unique balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and is an important source of essential nutrients, including calcium, riboflavin, phosphorous, vitamins A and B12, potassium, magnesium and zinc. Made By Cow Founder Saxon Joye commented: “We’ve poured our hearts and souls into creating a revolutionary new product that allows people to drink milk the way farmers do, so we’re absolutely thrilled that the safety & quality of Made by Cow has been recognised at these prestigious international awards”.

Made by Cow is available at Harris Farm Markets, and About Life stores in NSW, plus selected IGA stores and a wide range of leading independent food retailers across Australia.

Dairy Connect is proud to represent such a fiercly innovative processor. To learn more about Made By Cow, view their website here.