Milk treatment breakthrough a sign of things to come

A NSW dairy processor’s launch of a breakthrough cold pressure treated ‘raw’ milk this week was a great food innovation reflecting a resurgent dairy industry, according to advocacy body Dairy Connect.

The unpasteurised milk branded ‘Cold Pressed Raw Milk’, produced by start-up processor Made by Cow, will appear on retail shelves this week.

The NSW Food Authority has found the alternative cold pressure treatment to be an effective method to kill harmful bacteria in raw milk.

Dairy Connect CEO Shaughn Morgan said today the treatment breakthrough underscored his belief that the industry was moving towards a ‘renaissance’ in terms of products and markets.

Made by Cow founder Saxon Joye said the cold pressed product was safe ‘raw’ milk that retained beneficial nutrients that would otherwise be destroyed by heat treatment.

The Cold Pressed Raw Milk comes from a single, carefully managed Jersey herd. Jersey milk naturally contains higher fat, protein and calcium.

Shaughn Morgan said the NSW Food Authority had worked with Made by Cow for more than a year to ensure the product was safe and ready for human consumption.

“The cold high pressure treatment retains the natural creamy flavour and texture of raw milk – more of milk’s natural goodness. It’s like drinking fresh straight from the farm.

“I have little doubt that, while a niche product, Cold Pressed Raw Milk will create great excitement in consumer markets, when people realize they can achieve all the health benefits of raw milk without the risk.”

Selling untreated raw milk for human consumption remains illegal in Australia because it may contain micro-organisms that can trigger illness.