Dairy Connect is an advocacy body 100% focused on being the voice for all partners in the NSW dairy industry and across Australia. Our advocacy umbrella represents the common interests of dairy farmers, manufacturers, processors and milk vendors. We have a broad, shared vision and a collective long term industry strategy.

We are not-for-profit body committed solely to providing initiatives that will reinvigorate and propel our dairy industry forward. And at the same time, provide strong support to all communities in rural and regional dairy farming areas. 

Our latest updates

Dairy Deregulation - AN Australian journey in Structural Change

The long-awaited story of the deregulation of the NSW dairy industry that took place over the years 1998-2000 is now available for download.

This publication, authored by Dr Jan Todd, records the major driving forces leading to deregulation and the impact this had on all sectors of the industry, and regional communities. Additionally, it also documents policy lessons around how the deregulation process was developed, managed and implemented.

ACCC Dairy Inquiry & Our Push for a mandatory code of conduct

In May 2018, the Australian Competition and Consumer Comission released their final report following their 18 month investigation into the Australian dairy industry. This extensive array of findings opens up many issues that are facing the future of our national industry and poses some key recommendations as a means of addressing these issues.

One of the core recommendations provided was the suggestion of the introduction of a mandatory code of conduct regarding the contracts between dairy producers and processors. This has been a critical issue in the eyes of Dairy Connect for some time, and we are pleased to start seeing government and regulatory support.

In the meantime, you can view the final report in full via the link below, and stay up to date via our latest media releases. Our response provided to the ACCC interim report can also be viewed below:

View the final ACCC Dairy inquiry report HERE

View Dairy Connect's Interim Submission

NSW Drought

With drought taking an increasingly heavy toll on dairy farms across NSW, Dairy Connect have released a 1-page management guide listing the various outlets of support for those affected producers.

Access our drought management guide here

NSW DPI - Available Drought Assistance in NSW


In September 2018, Dairy Connect reinforced our commitment to the fair labelling of Australian milk and launched its public Change.org petition. We encourage all supporters of Australian Dairy to follow the link below: 



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